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RE: How You Can Start Making Money Online In Less Time

I'm going to explain to you how to make a lot of money...

First, you need to know what people will buy. You have to understand your customers.

Second, you need to have products to sell. Without products, you cannot make money.

you have to sell your products to the right people at the right time. This simply means you need a flow of traffic. In short, people need to see your products so they can whip out their cash and hand it over to you.

That's really about it. That's the secret recipe for generating a lot of cash.

My brother Matt and I have discussed this many times. It's a pretty simple model but there are some serious challenges if you're not paying attention. It's easy to lose your shirt. You'll waste your own money versus getting other people to dump their gold into the palm of your hand if you don't know how to really play the game.  

Some people fail because they simply don't know what other people want or need. When you try to sell a fur coat to an animal rights activist, you're not going to last very long. Pretty obvious, don't you think?

Other people fail because they don't have their own products. If you own your own products, then you have ultimate control. You earn 100% of the profits. You can fill your bank account with a lot more cash when you are the captain of the ship.

So, how do you know what people will buy? And, do you have the right products for those people? Do you know how to speak to those people about your products so that they will beg you to take their money?

The Fast, Easy and Simple Path

It's really hard to know what people will buy if you haven't been around for a while. Some markets seem great but they aren't. They will chew you up and spit you out. It's usually better to let other people show you the way. And, it often doesn't cost much to get the success secrets.

I'll get to these secrets in just a moment. First, I want you to understand something else that's very important. You need to stay focused to soak it all up like a sponge.

It can be really hard to create your own products if you're just starting out. It can also be painful to create a steady stream of new products if you've been around for while. Again, this stuff isn't too terribly hard but it definitely takes dedication and focus. I'm guessing that you don't feel like spend 37 hours creating a top notch product, right?

So, what makes sense? What's a fast and easy way to determine what will sell? How can you know that  your creations will sell like fire, on a dry and windy day? What'll pull in mountains of cash?

The secret is Private Label Rights, also known as PLR.  Not only will PLR reports save you time, they will save you money and effort. It's the fast, easy and simple path. All you do is pick up high quality PLR products and many of your problems just vanish. Poof!

There are some things to consider, though. You can't just pick any old PLR products and expect instant success. It ain't gonna happen.

Picking Outstanding Private Label Rights Products

There are three rules you should follow no matter what when you are buying PLR. Here's the first rule: Can you sell just one copy of the PLR report or ebook and get your money back? I use this rule whenever I purchase my own PLR because it tells me how quickly and easily I can make money.

If I can reach the break-even point with just one sale, that means I can start earning real profits much quicker. I gobble up anything with a great return on investment.

The next rule is also simple. Can you depend on the author of the PLR? If you can't trust the author, then you can't trust the content. Behind all great PLR you will find great people. The best PLR comes from smart people, plain and simple. The authors are dependable, open, and completely honest. Your gut will be your best guide on this.

My brother and I talk about PLR integrity all the time. If you want  to be a champion, and you are looking for wealth, then you don't have a choice unless you want to burn money. You absolutely need top quality writers you can trust.

The final rule of buying PLR is one that isn't as obvious. Any smart marketer behind any strong business will look into the future. What I mean is that one single PLR product will not generate the wealth you desire. One single report simply cannot generate enough cash to help you kill your day job or destroy your debt.

You need a constant flow of fresh ideas, fresh content, and professional guidance. If you're going to buy PLR, then you'll want to do anything it takes to buy a continuous flow of PLR to keep your empire pumping out cash. It's the only way to grow if you really think about it.

To recap, here are the rules of buying PLR:

  • Can you earn your money back quickly?

  • Do you really trust the authors?

  • Is there a constant flow of new, smart material?

You're tempting fate and probably flushing money down the toilet if you violate these rules. You need to earn money quickly. You need to trust the authors. You need a constant flow of material. Trust me, the best internet marketing professionals do not violate these rules and that is why they are able to pump thousands of dollars into their accounts every single month.

Make Someone Else Work For You

I know that I don't like working for other people unless they are wizards, able to generate huge piles of cash. Even then, I get wary because I like to be in complete control.

Are you like me? Do you enjoy the freedom of working for yourself? I can tell you honestly that PLR has saved me more time and money than virtually anything else in my internet marketing career. It has enabled me to make other people do tons of work for me. I'm the king of my empire, and in large part, it's due to buying and using PLR.

What I really enjoy is finding premium PLR. I'm like a kid in a candy store. There's nothing better for building wealth than a series of hot PLR reports. 

With PLR, I just change a few things (fast, easy) and slap my name on the report. I own the rights so I'm ready to rock and roll in less than an hour in most cases. Other people are working for me, and I love it.

The Big Problem When You Buy PLR

When I've talked to my brother Matt about PLR, we always come back to one huge problem: sales copy. What I mean is that even if you buy great PLR, you still have to craft an amazing sales page. 

Fortunately, both Matt and I have proven track records with our copy. When people talk about "The Rhodes Brothers" it really means something. Our copy converts people, like ice melting into water on a hot summer day. We're passionate about our stuff, so it sells like crazy.

When we talked about offering up our own PLR to people, we decided that we needed to attack this problem head on. We decided that we would offer up outstanding PLR reports for people but also amazing, cash-generating sales copy. 

We want to help people earn hundreds more than they could alone. Yes, we want to help you succeed because it gives us a thrill. It also is smart business. Happy customers are the bedrock of a smart business.

As I'll explain in just a minute or two, we've solved the biggest problem with PLR memberships. We have channeled all of our might into creating great reports for people just like you, but also sales letters. Absolutely free. It's a bonus that leaves a lot of people speechless. We call it good business.

Introducing the Simple Private Label Rights Club

Please give me a moment to explain how The Rhodes Brothers can help you make more money in less time. As you've probably guessed, we're offering up a PLR opportunity that's hard to resist. If we weren't offering this stuff, quite frankly I'd buy it.

It's called the Simple Private Label Rights Club. As the title suggests, it's a really simple membership that provides you with several PLR products every month. We've talked with a lot of partners who have gotten the shaft before because it wasn't clear exactly what they were getting when they join these clubs.

With The Rhodes Brothers, there's no guessing. You're going to get at least 2 high quality reports with private label rights every month. Every single report in our club has tremondous profit potential behind it. Why?

  • You don't have to burn time writing your own sales copy. All of the reports in the Simple PLR Club come with our professionally written copy absolutely free. Be ready to sell your reports like hotcakes. Add your backend affiliate products to your reports, upload your sales copy and you're ready to start making money. It's simple.
  • Every report we offer is at least 2,500 words long. Our members don't just get some 5 page report that they wouldn't feel confident offering. They get happy customers who are willing to hand them money over and over again.

  • The niche topics for each report are thoroughly researched to ensure there's a profitable market for our members. You'll be given reports in niches where people spend a lot of money.

  •  Since you have complete rights to every single report we write, you can edit them to add in backend affiliate products or expand them into $47 reports. The possibilities are endless.

  • Our reports aren't outsourced to people who write for pennies on the dollar. We hire native english speakers to write for us. Then we do the proofreading and editing ourselves to ensure the highest quality. 

The value we offer inside the Simple PLR Club is simply unmatched by anything out there. The reports are of premium quality, at least 2,500 words long, written by native english speakers and edited by us. In addition, you're getting a high quality sales website already primed to sell your report. It doesn't get much easier.

Start Building Your Empire With A Smart Investment

Membership in the Simple PLR Club costs only $27 $14.97 per month. When you think about all the money you can make, with not only the initial sale but all of the backend affiliate sales, it's truly a no-brainer.

One or two sales of just one of the reports we're offering in the Simple PLR Club will put you at the break-even point. If you make even a dozen sales between all of the PLR reports you get you're starting to look at a 400%-500% return on your investment.

That number isn't even counting any backend affiliate sales you make. These reports are like cash machines for you.

Of course, if you aren't seeing the results you expect, you'll be able stop your membership at any time (although we're sure you won't want to.

This isn't some contract. In fact, if you aren't completely satisfied, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your $27 $14.97 payment. It's that simple. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

There's no extra cost to sign up. There are no hidden fees. When you pay $27 just $14.97 you'll receive instant access to the private label rights of the reports we're offering each month.

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